In the wasteland of Canada's venture stock markets, a new Big Score is on the horizon, offering potential returns of 1,000% or even 10,000%+.

Speculators must navigate grave risks, learning from errors, sifting through vast data, and cultivating expert networks. Alternatively, let Tommy Humphreys simplify this for you.

The CEO.CA founder, renowned for spotting opportunities ahead of the crowd, came out of retirement to address this market challenge and share valuable insights.

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About Tommy Humphreys

Tommy Humphreys loved finance articles in high school. He dreamed of being rich one day.

After school, he made websites. He worked with Cambridge House, a big mining trade show. This led him to writing.

In 2011, Tommy saw Doug Casey, a famous writer, in Vancouver. He asked Doug for an interview. It went viral.

Cambridge House inspired Tommy. He created CEO.CA, like an investment conference in an app. It became big in Canada for stock news and sold for $17M in 2021.

Tommy used writing to meet many influential business people. He learned to spot trends and emerging companies. In 2015, he helped establish Lithium X, leading to a $265 million sale in 2018. In 2017, Tommy co-founded HIVE Digital (NASDAQ:HIVE), the first public crypto mining stock. He’s helped nurture several other successful mining ventures.

In 2023, Tommy launched, a new home for his business writing.

More about Tommy, CEO.CA,, Linkedin.

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Vancouver stock market insider on the hunt for the next Big Score. Join me for biz secrets, titan stories and exclusive new deals. Ex. CEO.CA founder.


Tommy Humphreys

Vancouver stock market insider on the hunt for the next Big Score. Join me for biz secrets, titan stories, and new deals. Ex CEO.CA founder (sold ‘21). Girldad.